What is the time commitment for the event?

We expect all registered students to attend these mandatory times based on scheduled speakers, mentors and competition slots:

  • FRI 6pm - 7:30pm

Event kickoff and team formation

  • SAT 8am - 12pm

         Breakfast & Student Work Period

  • SAT 12pm - 6pm

Lunch & Collaborative Mentoring Program (12:30-3pm)

  • SUN 9am - 6pm

Pitch Deck Creation, Lunch, Pitches, Awards and Closing Ceremony

All other times during the weekend are allocated at your team's discretion. However, if you have prior commitments during the weekend, you will be able to work around them by integrating your schedule with your team’s. Real life doesn't stop just because you're having fun!

I don’t know if I have the Skills to enter into this competition?

No problem! This is a safe environment to fail fast and fail forward!
The event is designed to teach you the skills in question and accelerate your learning in multiple areas of business development: incredible mentors and judges that are here to help, faculty advisers providing first hand insight during kickoff and closing, secondary research practice, presenting practice, deck building, and pitch development. 

The event is built into the program during this time to give you the upper edge NOW as you move through your education and into your career.


I am not really into the technologies presented?

That is OK, it is not the primary focus of the event.
Think of the technology as a really difficult problem. Often in our careers, we are faced with abstract problems presented to us under time duress with a dynamic team of new individuals that you haven't worked with before... Well Reboot is designed to deliver that experience, except you also get amazing feedback and new network connections to build on into the future. It's more about the process than the technology itself!


Can I choose the technology I want to work on?

Yes. We will be sending out an email to all registered users the week prior to the event requesting your TOP THREE technology choices. People will be placed with their priorities in mind.


Can I choose my team that I work with?

No. Why Not? Primary research indicates that a blended team structure chosen for alignment on their work, diversified backgrounds and uncertainty in social function creates a stronger environment for productive work. The teams will be selected with these guidelines in mind: Technology Choice and Educational Background.


What if I am not really into Entrepreneurship or Tech Innovation?

That is totally fine! This is still an amazing opportunity to meet some amazing cross-disciplinary people connected through UBC campus and the Vancouver business community. The event hones in your presenting skills. Finally, if you’re on the fence about your career and the choices that lie ahead, this is the perfect place to ask questions, experience the elements of entrepreneurship and test the waters :)